Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re interested in volunteering at the American Stroke Foundation, please contact our Program Director Dory Sabata at 913-649-1776 or dory@americanstroke.org

As an American Stroke Foundation (ASF) volunteer, your expertise and experience is invaluable. Our Stroke Wellness Centers provide post rehabilitation group classes for survivors in a non-medical, non-clinical setting. The primary goal is to encourage and promote positive outcomes for stroke survivors, caregivers, their families and friends. The only requirement is your interest in helping stroke survivors achieve their wellness goals. The following is a list of volunteer opportunities and duties:


Communication Groups: Group activities revolve around functional and daily communication skills such as: ordering from local restaurant menus, engagement in discussions about weekend plans, favorite TV shows etc. Group participants may experience language differences, such as aphasia, which may require accommodations and adaptations to best meet the needs of each individual survivor. This is a great volunteer opportunity for speech pathologists and speech therapy students. New and creative ideas are encouraged within this communication group.

Leisure Groups: Facilitate game groups that focus on enhancing stroke survivor’s cognitive and motor abilities. Games include: Dominoes, Querkle, Linx, Stomple, Scrabble, Word On The Street, Scattergories, and many more. These activities assist stroke survivors in strengthening hand movement, fine motor coordination, visual scanning, memory, concentration, and problem-solving, while providing valuable social interactions. Volunteers should enjoy socializing and be full of laughs. This is a great opportunity for students in the health profession (e.g., occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, social work) to learn more about stroke while having fun!

Fitness Groups: Volunteers are needed to facilitate stroke survivor’s engagement in physical fitness sessions. Volunteer responsibilities include: monitoring blood pressure, setting up exercise equipment (Nu Steps, treadmills, arm press, leg press) documenting final exercise statistics (time, distance, etc.), and socializing with stroke survivors throughout exercise sessions. This program is designed to strengthen overall balance, coordination, strength, and aerobic condition.


Facility Maintenance: Volunteers are also needed for administrative and facility conservation duties. Administrative duties include answering phones, filing paper work, data entry etc. Facility maintenance duties include collecting trash, wiping down tables, cleaning kitchen area, sweeping floors etc.

Fundraising & Events: Our annual Stroke Walk could not be held without the support of many volunteers. No matter what time of year it is we’re working on our next Walk, as well as other fundraising activities. There are many opportunities to help, such as recruiting team members, seeking sponsorships, marketing, logistics, etc.