Student Experiences

Students 2015The American Stroke Foundation provides meaningful experiences to students preparing for careers in health care. We have nurtured aspiring nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech and language pathologists at various stages of their education. These students come to us from schools across the country because they want to go beyond what the more typical intern experience can provide in a hospital or rehabilitation center. They leave us with real-world knowledge about stroke survival and the challenges of reintegrating into society. They also gain valuable experience with providing community-based services that support recovery and hope.

The ASF relies on student interns to organize and carry out many of our classes and programs. Thus, student interns also acquire valuable leadership and time-management skills. They often mentor other students and collaborate daily with staff members, volunteers, and program participants.

Opportunities are available for:

Please contact the American Stroke Foundation at 913.649.1776 if you are interested in setting up an experience for yourself or your students. Site visits are welcomed—and encouraged!