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Starting Spring Seedlings

This video will guide you through an easy way to start seedlings inside and transfer them outside so you can get a jump start on your garden this season.  Basil recipes for pesto and caprese salad are included to inspire some yummy and healthy meals. Enjoy and happy planting!

Supplies (0:18-0:46)

For this activity you will need seeds, a container to plant in (pot, cup, or egg carton), and potting soil/dirt.

Step 1: Prepare Supplies (0:47-2:00)

You can start your seedlings about 4 to 6 weeks before the last average frost date in your area. Make sure your container has holes in the bottom for water drainage. Also, planting on a tray with a non-slip surface may be helpful to keep all your supplies in place.

Step 2: Plant the Seeds (2:02-2:56)

Fill your container ⅔ full with dirt/potting soil, add the seeds, then cover them with a thin layer of potting soil/dirt.

Step 3: Care for the Seedlings (2:58-3:13)

Water the seeds to keep the soil damp and keep them in a sunny spot in your home. Rotate the seedlings periodically to ensure they all get even sunlight.

Step 4: Preparation for Outside (3:14-3:44)

To prepare your seedlings for the outdoors, start placing them outside in a covered spot for about 4 hours a day. Slowly increase the time they are outside and in 7 to 10 days they will be ready to plant outside.

Step 5: Plant Outside (3:45-4:22)

Dig a hole for the seedlings. If you are using a cardboard egg carton, you can separate the slots and plant them directly into the ground. Cover the seedlings with dirt and water them.

Recipes using basil: Pesto (4:23-5:15)

If you plant basil seeds this season you can use your basil for this yummy pesto recipe. Pesto is great on pasta, chicken, and as a sauce on pizza.

Recipes using basil: Caprese Salad (5:16-6:00)

Caprese salad is another delicious recipe you can use your basil for. It makes a great appetizer, side dish, or addition to a sandwich.

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