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WellnessStart Your Day Off With A Smile

Start Your Day Off With A Smile

This video will help you start your day with a smile or help brighten your day if you are feeling down, unmotivated or just need a good laugh. Smiling and laughing have numerous benefits for you and the people around you, so this video compiles some jokes, photos, videos and songs that are sure to get you in a good mood. Enjoy!

Benefits (0:23-0:48)

There are numerous benefits to starting your day with a smile and laugh. They include helping relieve stress and pain, putting you in a better mood, boosting your immune system, helping lower blood pressure, and increasing your positivity.

Jokes (0:49-4:22)

Listen to these 10 jokes and give your best answer. They are sure to give you a laugh!

Funny Photos (4:23-5:14)

Who doesn’t love funny animal photos? Four funny photos of cats and dogs are sure to get you laughing!

Funny Animal Videos (5:15-8:49)

These animal videos are too funny and cute not to get you smiling. Watch baby goats in pajamas jump around, a bulldog trying very hard to get his bone through a doggy door, a cute baby panda that surprises his mom, and a kitten who doesn’t understand why his new friend isn’t playing with him.

Songs (8:50-9:15)

Be sure to add these five songs to your daily playlist. They will get you smiling and dancing.

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