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Spirituality & You

This video will help you to learn about spirituality, the benefits of practicing spirituality, and introduce you to new and familiar ways you might enjoy practicing.

About Spirituality (0:00-0:48)

In order to understand your own spirituality and how you might enjoy practicing, you can ask yourself questions like what gives me purpose in life, what practices do I find most meaningful, and gives me hope, strength, or peace?

Benefits (0:49-1:02)

Spirituality leads to better health outcomes such as increased life span, increased energy, better coping skills, and overall better quality of life.

Dimensions of Spirituality (1:03-4:57)

There are six different aspects of spirituality that have been found to lead to spiritual wellbeing. These include

  • Meaning
  • Connectedness
  • Transcendence
  • Becoming
  • Being
  • Centeredness

You can practice in different ways to fulfill these areas of spirituality.

Practice (4:58-05:13)

Practicing spirituality is practice. It is okay to abandon a practice or come back to a practice after some time. What is most important is that you find meaning in your practice and you are working towards wellbeing through that practice.

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