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ExerciseSeated Core Exercises

Seated Core Exercises

This video talks about what the core is used for and goes over safety precautions while doing these seated exercises.

Intro & Warm Up (1:22 - 3:59)

Engage in 5 deep breaths and work on getting your shoulders and neck warmed up and ready to move!

Twists (3:59 - 5:40)

Do 10 side twists with arms straight out to work on trunk rotation.

Crunches (5:40 - 7:16)

Using whatever adaption explained in the video that works for you, complete 10 seated crunches.

Rotated Crunches (7:16- 9:09)

Like the previous exercise, do a seated crunch but this time rotated over your knees to get your sides involved and work on trunk rotation.

Side Leans (9:09 - 11:06)

Bend to each side and touch the floor to work your obliques that are used to help with balance. This is also a great exercise to work on weight shifting.

Leg Lifts (11:06 - 13:00)

Place your hands on each knee for resistance. Raise your knees towards your chest or follow one of the adaptations provided.

Reverse Crunch (13:00 - 14:41)

Sit on the edge of your chair and lean backwards, pull your stomach towards your back to tighten your core.

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