Our People

Giving Life to our Cause

Steering the Ship

Our Staff

These are the people that help you find your footing and get on a healthy track.

Executive Director

Jane Savidge

Administrative Assistant

Susan Suzuki

Program Coordinator / Director of Marketing

Jeanette Boucher

Program Director

Dory Sabata

Program Coordinator

Joan Kennedy



Our services wouldn't be possible without

Our Amazing Board

We want to give special thanks to the board members that give guidance and direction to our organization.

Board Chair

Richard March

Board Vice-Chair

Sara Baker

Board Secretary

Betsy Rosetti

Board Treasurer

Mary Jo Morrow

Board Member

Sarah Langston

Board Member

Dipika Agggarwal, M.D.

Board Member

Kathy Parker

Board Member

Abid Qureshi, M.D.

Board Member

Lawrence Roccaro

Board Member

Karina Shreefer

An organization dedicated to helping stroke survivors and their caregivers improve their overall quality of life. Join us for great advice, guidance, community and activities.

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