Next Step Program

Recovery Starts With That Next Step

Next Step Program

American Stroke Foundation

The Next Step Program is aimed at maintaining and improving health, wellness, and participation for individuals who have moved beyond their stroke and wish to take their next steps in life. Health professionals develop targeted activities within four primary areas: Communication, Health Behaviors, Life After Stroke, and Physical Fitness to address participants goals.


Communication difficulties are often encountered following a stroke. ASF provides opportunities for individuals to improve speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills while having a normal conversation.

Healthy Behaviors

Healthy habits lead to better results. Our Healthy Behaviors activities give you the tools to improve stress management, increase safety in home and community, dealing with change and encouraging healthy food choices.

Life After Stroke

A stroke may impact the way you think or move. Life After Stroke activities guides you through new methods for coping with daily activities. Plus, it can help encourage stroke survivors to be productive and active members of their community.

Physical Fitness

Staying active is a vital part of maintaining health after a stroke. Our Physical Fitness activities are a great way to improve your health and prevent future strokes. We customize exercises that target upper and lower body while improving balance and endurance in a safe environment.

Change Your Mind

It Starts With You

Healing begins with a decision. Once you make up your mind to move forward, you're well on your way to maximizing your quality of life.

Next Step

Your Personal Goals

Because no two strokes are alike, your path to recovery is your own. Our programs are geared to move at your own pace to allow you to achieve your goals.

Next Step

Keep Pushing Forward

There are times you feel like giving up. The journey ahead isn't always easy. But it's always worth it. We give you the tools to persist and improve your quality of life.

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