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ExerciseMuscle Movements and Mindfulness

Muscle Movements and Mindfulness

Have fun and switch up your normal workout routine with this relaxing form of exercise.  This video provides a quick seated exercise and mindfulness routine that can be completed anywhere and at anytime.  Muscle movements and mindfulness focuses on breathing, balance, and flexibility.

Muscle Movements and Mindfulness

  • Exercise and mindfulness are important for both your body and mind. Muscle movements are exercise related movements that are performed in a slow and fluid motion. Mindfulness helps our bodies remain present, calm, and focused.
  • Begin by breathing in through your nose while you bring your arms up and exhale through your mouth while you lower your arms. Focusing your attention on your breathing and performing fluid movements helps you to be calm and focused. Continue to redirect your attention back to your breathing when every your mind begins to wonder.
  • Take a break whenever you need to throughout the activity. Breaks allow our bodies to rest and to prepare for the next set of movements. Even while taking a break, remember to continue focusing on your breathing.
  • While arms move away from your body, inhale through your nose, and as your arms come toward your body, exhale through your mouth. These movements focus on extending your arms while shifting your weight from left to right. Reaching during your moments can help increase flexibility while shifting your weight focuses on increasing balance.
  • Finish the session by breathing in through your nose while raising your arms and out through your mouth while lowering your arms. By the end of the session the goal is to lower your heart rate, reduce stress and anxiety, and feel relaxed.

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