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This video includes information on what mindfulness is, the benefits for our minds and bodies, and some resources for how to get started.

What is Mindfulness? (0:16-1:14)

Mindfulness is the practice or ability of being fully present in the current moment. Bringing your attention and awareness to your body, thoughts, and feelings in the moment without judging them. Practice is important for developing this skill.

6 Benefits of Mindfulness (1:15-2:18)

Mindfulness has been study frequently and there is a lot of research to support mindfulness. Six benefits of mindfullness are stress reduction, decreasing spasticity in stroke survivors, improving focus, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, improving memory, and improving immune system function.

4 Resources (2:19-3:10)

There are many resources available to learn more about mindfulness or to help you start practicing. Two websites included in the video are palousemindfulness.org, which includes a free 8-week program with guided meditations and readings, and mindful.org, which includes more information on the benefits and guided meditations. The two APPs talked about in the video our Headspace and Calm. Both are free and include guided mediations.

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