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Brain Games & MoreMemory Issues Post Stroke

Memory Issues Post Stroke

Today we are going to be talking about memory and what you may experience after a stroke. It’s normal to have memory slips and wonder from time to time, so hopefully this presentation answers some questions you may have.

Memory Types 0:19-1:22

First we’ll talk about the different types of memory so we have a basis for the rest of the conversation.

Important to Know 1:23-2:17

Next we’ll discuss how memory works to get an idea of where issues may arise and what it takes to recall different memories.

Memory Deficits 2:18-6:07

After having a basic understanding of memory it’s time to talk about how memory changes as we age or after a stroke.

Memory Considerations 6:08-7:12

While we can understand basic differences, there is a lot of overlap between memory deficits from stroke or developing dementia, so here are some important factors to consider.

Problems and Adaptations 7:13- 9:06

Knowing what you may experience is good, but more important is knowing how you can adapt your daily life to accommodate your wants and needs.

Adaptations 9:07-12:11

Different solutions work for different people, so here are some suggestions you can try to implement and see if they will work in your daily life.

Brain workout 12:12-13:50

Adaptations are nice but at this point you’re probably wondering if there are ways to improve your memory instead of only accommodating. We’ll go over current research and practical answers to this question.

Brain Exercises 13:51-15:04

Here are some options for what you could do to keep your brain active and continually work on improving your memory and other functions.

Consistency 15:05-End

Lastly, while all of this information is useful, it’s only beneficial when consistently used. I recommend working one or two new exercises or adaptations into your routine, as that is the easiest way to make lasting change.

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