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Meet Jerry

Jerry has been attending the American Stroke Foundation (ASF) Next Step program for approximately 16 years! Jerry loves coming to ASF for the socialization and community of survivors. They really understand what he is going through. He also enjoys ASF for the exercise because it can be hard to stay motivated to get moving and it gives him a chance to get out of the house. It is easier to exercise when he has others around him and structured time to focus on working out.


When Jerry is not at ASF, he enjoys watching TV, playing on the computer, and riding his antique 3-wheeled bike. Jerry lives with his younger brother and has a caregiver Karen, who helps support him. One of his biggest supporters was his mom, who he misses dearly. He feels really supported at ASF because they have become like his family.


When asked how ASF has changed his life, Jerry said it has been like a crutch by relating with other stroke survivors. Getting to know students and volunteers has been amazing too. Jerry says the Next Step program has helped him not only physically but also mentally. His advice is to never give up and when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

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