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ExerciseFinger and Wrist Range of Motion (ROM) Video

Finger and Wrist Range of Motion (ROM) Video

After a stroke, it’s important to practice Range of Motion Exercises to strengthen the connection between your mind and body. Keep up daily physical fitness and wellness by exercising.

This video will guide you through hand, wrist and finger range of motion exercises that are important to do following a stroke.  Exercising daily will help make both your body and mind strong.

Here are some simple exercises you can do to increase your range of motion of your wrists and fingers. You can do these exercises seated with your hands on your lap or on a table.

1.) Finger Movement

With your palms down, spread your fingers out as wide as you can. Pretend like you have webbed hands and you’re trying to get your hands to go as wise as they can go. Then bring them back to a relaxed position. Do this repeatedly for 30 seconds.

2.) Wrist Movements - Up Then Down

With your thumbs to the sky, move your wrists towards your lower arm. When you go back up, go back up to straight. You don’t want to go past your straight position. Then go back to a straight position. Do this for 30 seconds and then go in the opposite direction. Go back as far as you can go and then return to the straight position.

3.) Make fists one joint at a time

The next exercise is about making a fist. Again, with your thumb to the sky, slowly make a fist one joint at a time. Make your fist all the way into your palms and then give it a nice, solid squeeze. Then, open it back up nice and slow. Repeat this exercise for 30 seconds.

4.) Palms up. Palms down.

For this exercise, you will start with your palms in the air. Then turn your wrists so your palm is down on your lap or on your table. Continue this motion for 30 seconds.

5.) Thumb to fingers

Starting with your right hand, move your to to each of your fingers. Move from your pinky finger > to your ring finger > to your middle finger > to your index finger. Then go the opposite direction: index finger > middle finger > ring finger > pinky finger. Mix up the speeds and go a little faster if you’d like. Do this for 30 seconds then switch hands and do it with your left hand for 30 seconds.

6.) Wrist movement in and out.

With your fingers together, hold your hands out with your palms to the floor. Move your wrists in towards one another. Then move your wrists out to point away from one another. Repeat this for 30 seconds.

7.) Make figure 8's with your wrists.

Finally, close your hands and move your wrists in a figure 8 motion. You can pretend like you’re conducting a symphony. Keep making the figure 8 shape back and forth. Repeat this over and over for 30 seconds.

Alternative motions.

Watch the end of the video for some alternative movements you can follow along with and repeat. Thank you for watching our video. Stay healthy and stay safe. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you can become a part of our community.

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