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Seated Circuit Workout for Survivors of Stroke

This is a seated workout – circuit style. There are 3 sections that hit upper body, lower body, and core. Try doing one round of this workout during a commercial break or do the whole thing at once.

Moving and Grooving Seated Chair Tap

Get moving and grooving with this fun seated tap dance workout. The video reviews the benefits of seated tap dancing, then walks viewers through five different tap steps (kicks, digs, heel drops, shuffles, and cramp rolls). After learning the steps, they will be combined together in a dance to “Clap Your Hands” by Leo Soul.

Spasticity & Stroke: Seated Stretching Routine

This video provides 5 different exercises to help prevent and reduce tight and stiff muscles.

Seated Core Exercises

This video talks about what the core is used for and goes over safety precautions while doing these seated exercises.

Targeted Hand Exercises for Survivors of Stroke Using Therapy Putty

This video shows you some ways you can use therapy putty to help stretch out and strengthen the muscles in your hands and fingers of your stroke affected side.

Morning Stretch Routine for Stroke Survivors

This morning stretch routine will be great to get your body moving for a busy day after sleeping. Be sure to breathe throughout and stop if something feels uncomfortable.

Seated Tap Dance Exercise for Stroke Survivors

Get a fun workout by joining in on this fun seated tap dance video.

Muscle Movements and Mindfulness

Muscle movements and mindfulness focuses on breathing, balance, and flexibility.

Seated Cardio Exercise: Dance It Out!

Have some fun and get a cardio workout with some chair dancing!

Seated Yoga-Based Exercise for Stroke Survivors

This video reviews some of the benefits of yoga practice for stroke survivors, and then guides you through some deep breathing exercises and seated yoga-based poses. Yoga is a great way to strengthen your mind-body connection, and improve your balance, range of motion and strength. Seated poses can be accessible to stroke survivors at many different levels of recovery and can be further modified as needed. Practicing yoga poses are also great for improving your mental health too!

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