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After a stroke, it’s important to practice Range of Motion Exercises to strengthen the connection between your mind and body. Keep up daily physical fitness and wellness by exercising. This video will guide you through hand, wrist and finger range of motion exercises that are important to do following a stroke. Exercising daily will help make both your body and mind strong. Here are some simple exercises you can do to increase your range of motion of your wrists and fingers. You can do these exercises seated with your hands on your lap or on a table.

Our Featured Post will be updated regularly to give you exercises, tips and activities to increase your health, strength and well-being. Your suggestions and participation will help fuel us to better content and resources for stroke survivors and caregivers.

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Intimacy plays a large role in our lives. It impacts our health, our mind, our happiness, and more than anything, our relationships with our spouse, partner, or loved one. Intimacy is one of the building blocks of a relationship.

This video discusses the importance of hydration, how the human body compares to other living organisms, why our bodies need water, how much water our bodies need, and tips on how to increase your water intake and avoid dehydration.

Get moving and grooving with this fun seated tap dance workout. The video reviews the benefits of seated tap dancing, then walks viewers through five different tap steps (kicks, digs, heel drops, shuffles, and cramp rolls). After learning the steps, they will be combined together in a dance to “Clap Your Hands” by Leo Soul.

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